Saltwater Fish






Imperial Aquatics sells a variety of industry-leading products and equipment

We know quality and reliability are primary concerns so we’re proud to offer products made by (but not limited to):

AquaIllumination * Aquatic Life * Aqueon * BlueLine * Brightwell Aquatics * Carib Sea * Cobalt * CurrentUSA * Eheim-Jager * GEO * Hydor * Kent * MagDrive * Neptune Systems * Oceanic * Octopus * OmegaOne * Perfecto * ReefBrite * ReefFlo * Salifert * Seachem * Tropic Eden * Tunze * Two Little Fishies


We also sell purified freshwater and saltwater

While we do sell regular reverse-osmosis water, we also use a dual-stage deionization filter to provide zero-TDS RO/DI water


Stop paying outrageous markups!

Our prices are competetive with online retailers and because we work closely with our suppliers, we welcome special requests and can typically get what you need within a few days.


We also offer a wide range of saltwater fish, invertebrates, coral and live rock.

We quarantine all of our fish so that our livestock is among the healthiest in the area, guaranteed!

Sorry, but we do not stock freshwater fish or reptiles at this time

Please contact us if you have questions regarding availability and pricing.